G-UFOX - Picture Gallery

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At Hook airfield (D Dollery 20/4/2013)


Dave's first conversion lesson with Mac (T Hopkins 26/5/2013)


Clouds above Popham (D Dollery 28/7/2013)


A family day out (T Hopkins 11/8/2013)


A family day out (A Dollery 11/8/2013)


A family day out (N Randell 11/8/2013)


Isle of Wight (J Bentley 20/8/2013)


At 10,000' - getting an impressive 500'/minute at 65 knots with passenger (D Dollery 28/8/2013)


Trip to Sandown (D Dollery and C Aldous 8/12/2013)


Trip to Yatesbury (I Norfield 4/4/2014)


Bembridge beach day (C Aldous 29/6/2014)


EuroFOX fly-in at Oaksey Park (D Dollery 14/6/2014)

BMAA Bonus Day at Duxford (D Dollery 3/8/2014)

Brooklands Aviation Day (T Jestico 21/9/2014)

Christmas Fayre Fly-in at Compton Abbas (H Curtis 3/12/2016)



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