G-UFOX - Nearly Finished

On our next visit after our second inspection, the plane smelt of fuel - better investigate. After taking the seat pan back out it proved that the collector tank had been leaking. The tank is made from a commercial bottle with the extra pipe fittings and a level switch attached. As it is on its side the filling cap is sealed off and this proved to be the source of the leak. The sealing ring for the cap is split and Roger got us a new one. We also carefully dressed the mating surface of the neck, with special care not to get anything into the tank.

More fun with the prop. We adjusted the pitch of blades - a further test proved we had a static engine speed of 5100 rpm slightly too fast, compared with the recommended 4800 - 5000. Another day, another tweak - yet another test shows we have achieved 5000.

I have re-made the oil pressure transducer connector as it was giving problems - it is now fully reliable.

The insides of the engine cowlings have been painted with intumescent paint (yeah - I had to look it up too) that Adrian kindly left for us.

George has re-rigged his little MW5A that had been stowed without wings to give us more room in the hangar. We have tried a number of different permutations and finally found that with his plane facing the side wall (like a naughty schoolboy), both aircraft fit in nicely.





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