G-UFOX - More Inspection

A few more jobs done.

The prop has been balanced and the spinner has been fitted.

The wiring has now been finished, including the radio PTT's, the fuel low warning indicator and the transponder antenna.

The pitot to ASI tubing has now been connected up and the glovebox has been fitted.

The bigger event is that Adrian has returned for another inspection. More careful pawing over our creation.

He weighed G-UFOX and we are just in, below the 270kg empty limit. The fuel flow tests proved to go OK.

Various items picked up in the inspection - most of the important points were adjusting bits to ensure there is no possibility of parts rubbing together. This includes rotating clamps and tubes and a little extra trim on the edge of a metal tray to prevent abrasion on the wiring braiding.

Lots of labels and placarding required, such as the fuel tank level calibration and labelling the controls (carb heat, cockpit heat, brakes etc.) Also the occupant warning labels. Now that the weighing has been done, we can also do the fuel/cockpit weight trade-off placard.

The static engine rpm is a little fast, so we need to increase the propeller pitch a little. We also need to lubricate the throttle and choke cables.

We also have a couple of recommendations to filter the static port connections to the ASI, VSI and altimeter. Also recommended is to add a cover at the tail to attempt to prevent water ingress.


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