G-UFOX - An Inspector Calls

A few more jobs completed.

The brakes have been bled. This is a bit of a faff, as they have to be filled and bled from the bottom. This we did using a syringe and a specially made adaptor tube to connect it to the calliper's bleed nipple.

The fuel level gauge tubes for the wing tanks have been calibrated, by sequentially pouring 10 litres of fuel into the tank and marking the 10l, 20l and 30l points. We can add some labels later.

The compass has also been fitted.

The panel wiring and engine instruments wiring have also been completed.

However, the big news this week, is Adrian Lloyd, our BMAA inspector have visited for an inspection. This seems to have been a bit of a late decision as he was going to be in the area, so I only found out at 8pm, the night before.

As soon as he starts, his beady eyes can detect the smallest difference from his minds internal template. As he moves around the plne, he make many comments and we follow round making notes and try to address them. Most of the items he states "I know I'm being pernickety here" or sometimes it's just advice (good advice that is appreciated).

So we end up with a list, but not many essential things.

Some of the washers for the prop were in the wrong place.

The small links at the end of the control tube needed adjustment. Due to the height differential, they get a little tight when the stick is fully back and away from the joint. Although they are not actually binding, but by adjusting the relative position of the two rose joints (at each end) it is now possible to rotate the link a little, even on full application of the control joystick in any position.

The seatbelt to frame attachments must be able to rotate freely and be clear of the control tubes.

Increase flap friction (we hadn't adjusted this yet)

A number of minor things such as tidying pipe runs, tidying trims, grease rear wheel/steering, rubber boot over battery positive terminal, tyre creep marks etc.

We are also advised that he will fine us a fiver if he gets cut by an unfinished cable tie, so we are suitably warned to tidy all these.

So a number of things to deal with, but nothing tragic - all stuff we can get on with.

Personally, I think it went very well!


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