G-UFOX - Turtle Deck and Panel

The turtle deck has taken a considerable amount of modification and fettling. We were quite concerned about damage to the control tubes of the flapperons where they protrude through the deck. Lots of fiddly hard work.

The pitot tube has been fitted to the underside of the starboard wing (into the existing mount). The radio aerial has also been fitted.

I have finally finished the wiring of the panel and have now brought it to the hangar to fit it. After a careful drive down the lumpy road, I used the cars rear shelf to carry the panel from the car parking area. This then served as a very convenient bench to lay between the two door apertures and to rest the panel on (cushioned by a couple of large towels). I could then start wiring it into the rest of the plane, through the single umbilical cable. This will take a while.

We have also fitted the capacitor on the firewall, directly above the regulator.



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