G-UFOX - Cables and Belts

More progress.

George and Tom had great fun doing the outboard undercarriage brackets which took a lot longer than they thought it would.

The parking brake valves have been mounted on the cockpit floor and the tubes fully connected. We have reversed the handle of one of the valves to that they both turn outwards and should make it easier to operate.

More completion of the engine. The cables have been adjusted and wirelocked. The engine has been treated to some fluids - the coolant and the oil have been put in. The oil system has been purged - this process involves pressurising the tank using a compressor, disconnecting the return line and turning the engine over to pump the oil through. Not a taxing process, but an absolutely essential one.

The rudder cables have now been completed. The trim tab has also been done with the nicopress tool we borrowed from EuroFOX UK. The other controls have now been adjusted.

Inside the cockpit, the seatbelts have been fitted to the chassis - but we are not too sure about them as one full extents of the controls and full flap, the flapperon control rod get jolly close to the lower outboard seatbelt mount, so we may have to revisit this. The metal ends have been covered with pipe insulation tubes to prevent the chance of them damaging the planes coverings etc.



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