G-UFOX - Progress and Problems

More work completed on the cowlings. The camlocks have all been fitted along with leather strips to cushion the mounting onto the firewall/ main bodywork. We have chosen an optional hatch to allow easier access to the oil reservoir. This will avoid the need to remove the top cowling just to check the oil level (and we like to keep an eye on that). The hatch flap hinge needs to be fitted to the top cowling. Heat insulation is also needs to be fitted to the inside of the top cowl.

The turtle deck has also been started.

More work on the controls - specifically the linkages from the joysticks to the flapperons and the elevator. Everything was going really well; we had them all dry-fitted and were systematically final fitting backwards. Then the pivot bolt for the forward starboard bellcrank for the aileron got stuck. It had become completely bound in the tube of the bellcrank and rendered it impossible to remove. We tried various methods to extract it but it wouldn't budge - we can't afford to risk damaging the bracket welded to the chassis. I think we had better have a think about it rather than rushing at it and stuff it up, so we're going home for the day.


Some work on the wiring diagrams too.


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