G-UFOX - Pipes and Peddles

Even more pipes have been fitted to the engine. Fuel pipes have been finished and the cooling pipes have had heat shielding added. The radiators have been plumbed but not entirely fitted as these mount on the lower cowling.

The airbox has also been fitted. A fair amount of investigation went into carburettor heat options. We quite liked the SkyDrive heating ring that uses the coolant flow to warm the carb (to prevent icing within the carburettor), but the location of the carbs with respect to the firewall, means the airbox will only just fit and there is no room to squeeze the heater section in. We decided to employ the manufacturers method of a flap that selects either warm air from within the cowling or cold air rammed in from the front.

Work has also started on the cowlings too.

The rudder peddles have now been assembled and mounted on the floor. The rudder centraliser has been fitted to the firewall.

The carpet has mostly been fitted and the relevant cutouts added.

The fuel pipework within the cockpit have been fitted and crimped (all except the vent pipe). These have been covered in spirwrap to avoid any possibility of abrasion against the chassis framework. All three fuel valves have been fitted too.


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