G-UFOX - Rearranging the Furniture

More progress.

The engine has sprouted numerous tubes, both oil pipes and the fuel lines forward of the firewall. The carb drip-trays have also been fitted. It is also sporting the beautiful stainless steel exhaust. The oil pipe that passes past the exhaust has the special heat resistant sleeving. Cheaper automotive variety sleeving has been used on optional places, such as the fuel lines.

Inside the cockpit, the floor has been fitted and the bearings for the controls prepared.


We have been reorganising the hangar. George's MW5A has been de-rigged and the wings stowed along its sides. This makes it quite thin. After experimenting with various combinations, we settled for the MW along one side wall and the trailer along the other. This allows the EuroFOX to take the centre of the hangar and allows us to have the wings outstretched, which have now been sorted.

We have also achieved some extra bench space, but need to rearrange the lighting.


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