G-UFOX - Comes Home!

The big day is here - the kit is being delivered to our hangar!.

G-UFOX is firmly strapped down in Roger's trailer and he is up early towing to to our build site. The last part of the journey is down the bumpy single track road with plenty of potholes, where we have to watch it very closely as it passes between tight gateways.

We carefully extract it from the trailer and give it a checkover. It's wrapped in wing protectors and plastic wrap. All looks good. There are two wooden crates - one contains the engine and the other the myriad of parts to complete the kit. It seems pretty comprehensive, even all the fixings and rivets are included.

Our checking of the lengthy inventory is interrupted by an unfortunate landing of a Piper Cub - both pilot and passenger are OK.

The kit looks deceptively complete. However, many parts have only been temporarily fitted for easy safe transport and have to be removed for assembly later. We have loads of work to do. We have also got the latest version of the build manual and the engine installation manual - so loads of reading to do too.

Initially it's a question of where to start. We remove some of the ancillary parts, the door frames and cowlings. All the masking tape has to be taken off before it hardens.

After much pawing over, we eventually put it away in it's new home under a dust sheet. Nestled next to George's MW5A, we close the hangar - that's enough excitement for one day.


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