G-UFOX - Arrives in the UK

Our kit has now safely made it to the UK - Woo Hoo!

It's getting exciting.

It has been delivered to Roger at his Oaksey Park unit. He has checked it over and he is looking after it for a week, whilst we finish off the hangar.

The hangar is coming on nicely. The doors are clad and George has added some extra bracing for stiffness. The above-door cladding is done and the wind-security poles are in and work a treat. We still need to put the rubber weather strip onto the bottom of the doors, when the rubber arrives.

We have added some extra power sockets and now have more lights fitted, but there is a little tidying and extra clipping to do. The guys have used liberal amounts of mastic to make the roof watertight. We have put a box on the outside to house the airfield movements logbook that used to reside in the hangar - we had to relocate it as the hangar now has doors and will be locked.

I think we are pretty much there!


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