G-UFOX - We've got a Hangar

We had a spot of luck this week. We found out that George (one of the people originally interested in the syndicate) had just taken a hangar to house his little MW5A microlight. I contacted him to see if there was any possibility we could co-habitate.

We all went to see the hangar and see if it was viable. The wing-fold of the EuroFOX means there is plenty of room for storage of the aircraft and it is accepted that we may need a little extra during the build. There is a small room within the hangar which although takes up valuable space, does give somewhere to store kit parts.

The hangar was completely open at the front, but George has already made the frames for the doors.

The decision is that we think it can work! We believe that there is enough space and once the doors are clad and the leaks plugged, it should be an ideal build space.

Then comes the other great news - George wants to join the group!

I had high hopes for today and it has far exceeded them.


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